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We are Under Lucky Stars, we make beautiful star maps showing the alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you. Everyone has that special moment in their life that is worth making into a star map. We asked you to tell us about yours.

This is one of our favorites stories.

Sydney NSW, Australia on the 28th of November, 2011, at 8:00pm


On the 28th of November 2011, in a basement ecology laboratory, my now-fiancé Scott kissed me for the first time after a praying mantis from his project jumped from his hands to my head.
5 years later, the animal trend continued as he proposed to me with a live penguin, Kevin, who was wearing a bow tie saying ‘Marry Me?’ at Long Island Aquarium in New York.
Now, I’m moving to New York where he lives. I sent him the star map as a reminder that we’ve been through so much, but it all started with a kiss in the most ridiculous of situations.

Published on March 13, 2018, 4:06 pm

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